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Our present buyers (some of  whom are business owners) are aware of how quickly they can buy a house from us  because over 165 of them have done it,  and,  OH YES, even YOU (the non believer, the skeptic) can buy a house and move into it in two hours with ONLY a down payment.    In two hours you could be a homeowner with the keys to your new home in hand!

Buy a home in two hours you ask .  .  . with only a Down Payment?


If you  look at one of our houses at 10AM,  we could be handing you the keys by 12 noon!

Our True Owner Finance Homes are about as easy to buy as a car  from one of those “buy here pay here” dealers.    We all know, (even you)

that you can buy a car in 2-3 hours, start to finish, so why not a house?

Most  used and even some new car dealers will never turn you down.

“Regardless of Credit!!” is their slogan they use.

So why not a home, a house, something monumental?

Our slogan is:

“All you need to qualify is a down payment”

Let me repeat   .  .  .

“All you need to qualify is a down payment!”

No banks and no lengthy paperwork.

We’ve been selling homes this way  for over 32 years and have over 165 families to testify to that.  You possibly know someone that has purchased a home from us, but if you don’t,  please call us for references.

Most of our buyers are thrilled that they got over their skepticism and bought a house from us without having to go through a bank.

Feel free to call us at 913-268-3030 for more information.

Beware, gratitude goes a long way here.
Please  LISTEN to our radio commercial if you have not already!
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Please look over our houses. Some  are in “move in” condition and some need a little TLC.

Confused?    Still having doubts?  You still don’t get it!?
Q.  Again, Really, What Exactly is True Owner Financing?
A. For the last 32 years we have been offering TRUE owner financing to individuals and families.  We  sell you a home without  you having to qualify at a bank. And, by the way, there’s  no credit check!How Much Down Payment Do I Need? And where can I get a down payment if I don’t have one?

You may  be eligible to withdraw or borrow from your 401K to purchase a home without penalties. Also,  some of our buyers have used monies from settlements, lottery winnings, divorce pay outs, income tax returns and etc.

Our recent buyers have used tax return refunds, 401K’s and  settlements to get that down payment.

How Does Your Lease Purchase Program Work?

We can lease you the home while you pay extra towards that portion of the down payment that you lack,   and then move to owner financing  when you have the additional money.

What Is The Interest Rate On Your True Owner Financing?

Typical interest rates range from 5% to 7% depending on the particular property.  All credit is accepted and a brief application is necessary ONLY to verify income and employment/self employment.

In this present market,  qualified buyers with good credit can go out and buy any house available on the market. If you have good credit, we kindly ask you to please leave our homes for families that truly need a True Owner Finance.

Feel free to call us at 913-268-3030 for more information. Remember, in case you are in a tight situation, closing takes only two hours, start to finish,  even if you are still skeptical.

Do you have the attitude of gratitude?

If so, please call us immediately!

Make plans to move out of that rental today!

(About Coach “Z”.   Coach “Z” AKA Rick Zvosec,  is the former UMKC basketball coach -2001-2007. After a 19-year coaching career, he currently serves as the assistant athletics director for Arkansas State University.)