“No Credit Qualifying . . . you still only need a DOWN PAYMENT– 1 house left for now!


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Hi this is Rich Zvosec, “Coach Z” as it were, for S & W Properties

Buy A House Without Having To Go To A Bank And Qualify?

Over the last 34 years, S & W Properties has been offering TRUE OWNER FINANCING to individuals and families.

What this means is Our Buyers will NEVER have to go to a bank and qualify.  This is because we TRUE OWNER FINANCE our homes.  And of course,  this means that there’s  no credit check and of course, NO BALLOONS!

And think about it; isn’t it easier to come up with a down payment versus trying to qualify for a loan . . . especially nowadays?

How Much Down Payment Do I Need? 

And Where Can I Get A Down Payment If I Don’t Have One?

Our down payments average around 5%.  Some of our prospective buyers will be using their income tax refunds.  Also, you may be eligible to  withdraw or borrow from your 401K to purchase a home without penalties.  Again, some of our buyers have used monies from settlements, lottery winnings, divorce pay outs and even Grandma!

How Does Your Lease Purchase Program Work?

We will sometimes lease you a particular home while you pay extra towards that portion of the down payment that you lack.

Wait A Minute, You Mean That We May Not Even Need A Down Payment?

When you finally get your down payment paid in, we will automatically TRUE OWNER FINANCE you!

What Is The Interest Rate On Your TRUE OWNER FINANCING?

Typical interest rates range from 5% to 7% depending on the particular property. All credit is accepted and a brief application is necessary only to verify income and employment.

Feel free to call us at 913-268-3030 for more information.

Remember, in case you are in a tight situation, closing takes only 2 hours, start to finish.